The publishing house functionate at the Institute of Physical Optics. Beginning from 2000 the scientific journal Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics, has been published by the Institute. During this time the journal got notable authority among domestic and foreign specialists. The journal is indexed by databases - SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters ISI and others.

Several monographs have been issued by the Publishing House of the Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics. Some of them are presented below.

The following books
have been published by the Institute

O.G. Vlokh, A.V. Kityk. Crystalline Dielectrics with incommensurate modulated structure. 2002

On the basis of phenomenological theory and macroscopic properties (dielectric, optical, elastic, etc.) the essence of the physics of crystalline dielectrics (ferroelectrics and ferroelastics) with incommensurately modulated structure is described. The nontrivial phase transitions and the corresponding properties are explained by the introduction of the gradient invariants into the expression for free energy, by the interaction of phase and amplitude modes, and by the discreteness of fractional values of wave vectors localized at certain points in the Brillouin zone. A wide number of effects inherent solely to the IC phases are associated with the interaction of phase solitons with impurities and defects. For masters, post-graduate students and researchers in the field of solid-state physics, structural phase transitions, crystal-optics, crystal-acoustics, applied physics

The book is recommended for specia;istes of Master degree, PhD students, scientists working in the field of Solid State Physics, structural phase transitions, Crystal Optics, Crystal Acoustics, Applied Physics.

O.I. Herzanych. A2IVB2VC6VI ferroelectrics under high pressure, 2008.

The book is devoted to the study of the physical properties of ferroelectrics of A2B2C6 group under the influence of hydrostatic pressure. The main attention is paid to the dielectric, ferroelectric, mechanical and optical properties at phase transitions. It is shown that on the phase p,T-diagrams of these crystals the Livshits point is realized, which separates transitions into ordered polar, nonpolar, and incommensurate phases. Some applications of A2B2C6 ferroelectrics as well as high pressure apparatus are described..
For scientists and engineers, graduate students and students of physical specialties.

The translation of the textbook: P.G. Hunsperger “Integral Optics: Theory and Technology”, fifth edition. 2003, 2018 /Edited by Vlokh R.O. and Vlokh O.G./ ISBN 978-966-97386-4-6

The textbook is a first edition on Integral Optics in Ukrainian. It collects
modern knowledge on the theory and technology of integral devices and systems. Methods of the connection to the waveguides and between them, principles of the light emission by different types of semiconductor lasers and laser light modulation, integral optical receivers and optical amplifiers, Quantum-Well Devices, polymer and thin film Integrated Optics, Photonics and SHF wireless systems, applications and development directions for the Integral Optics.
At each chapter there are exercises.
The book is recommended for students of colleges and Universities, PhD students, scientists and engineers as a textbook and handbook.

R.О. Vlokh, O.G. Mys, I.Yu. Martynyuk-Lototska, B.E. Zapeka, M.E. Kostyrko. Phase diagrams of ferroelectric solid solutions Sn2P2 (SexS1-x)6. 2013.
ISBN 978-966-97386-0-8

The book is devoted to the problem of special points on the p, T, x-phase diagrams of Sn2P2 (SexS1-x)6 solid solutions of. On the basis of thermodynamic theory, the results of experimental study of acoustic, optical and thermomechanical properties of these crystals are generalized.

For scientists and engineers, graduate students and students of physical specialties.

R.O. Vlokh, I.P. Skab, Yu.V. Vasilkiv. Parametrical singular optics. 2015.
ISBN 978-966-97386-1-5

The book is devoted to the problem of generation of singular beams and to the control of their parameters by external fields of different nature. On the basis of the established basic regularities of the effects of parametric singular crystal-optics induced by axially symmetric fields, the principal possibility of generation of singular beams that bear optical vortices is demonstrated with the help of the effects of parametric crystal optics in single crystals under the action of non-hogeneous mechanical stresses, electric field and under the acousto-optic and acousto-gyration interaction. The possibility of controlling the efficiency of spin-orbital transformation by external fields and the possibility of spatial control of the position of a vortex beam in the course of acousto-optic interaction is shown.

For scientists and engineers, graduate students and students of physical specialties.

Yu.A. Nastishin, T.H. Dudok. Optically Pumped Mirrorless Lasing, 2015.
ISBN 978-966-97386-2-2

The monograph includes the mechanics of mirrorless laser-driven generation with optical headsets at the fluorescent mid-range, so as to excite the main optical links for the open space of the confidential conference display. Vipadkova laser generation has been seen in strongly rosary pink optical materials. The role of selective bragg propagation in a form-based starter with laser generation in photon structures is described. The problems of laser generations have been looked at in cholesteric, regular crystals, as one-photon natural structures. Literature stoosovno skin іz mehanіzmіv mirrorless laser generation was analyzed in chronological order.

R.O. Vlokh, A.M. Kostruba. Ellipsometry of ultrathin film structures. 2017.
ISBN 978-966-97386-3-9

The book is devoted to the development of new principles of ellipsometry and the ellipsometric methods for measuring the parameters of ultrathin surface layers with a thickness of less than 20 nm. On the basis of the established regularities of the ellipsometric response, the problem of the independent determination of the parameters of ultrathin transparent film structures, under the conditions of strong correlation between these parameters was solved, which allowed to improve significantly the accuracy of the result. The method of calculating of the mean square error of the parameters of the absorbing film is proposed, which permits combining the analysis of the sensitivity of ellipsometric measurements with correlation analysis and simplifies the procedure for optimizing the conditions of the ellipsometric experiment.

For scientists and engineers, graduate students and students of physical specialties.

R.O. Vlokh, I.P. Skab, O.M. Krupych, D.I. Adamenko. Methods of piezo-optics in inhomogeneous mechanical fields. 2019.
ISBN 978-966-97386-5-3

The monograph is a generalization of the results of the development and approbation of methods for the study of piezo-optical properties of crystals which are based on 2D polarimetry and interferometry in combination with techniques for the formation of predetermined inhomogeneous distributions of mechanical stresses, like diametric compression of disk, mechanical twisting of rod and four-point bending of bar. These methods allow to improve accuracy of the piezo-optical experiment and to provide high reliability of the obtained results.

For scientists and engineers, graduate students and students of physical specialties.