Scientific Activity

International projects

STCU projects #727 Purposeful modification of radiation properties of lithium borate single crystals with controlled change isotropic composition. Project manager: Ya.Burak
STCU projects #1712 Acoustooptical devices for superpower laser radiation control. Project manager: Prof.O.Vlokh STCU projects #3042 Optical Stress Tensor Field 3D-Tomograph. Project manager: Prof.R.Vlokh
STCU projects #3623 Development of Nanotechnologies for Highly-Efficient Integrated-Optics and Quantum Structures Creation Based on Sn2yPb2(1-y)P2S6xSe6(1-x) Semiconductor Crystals. Project manager: Prof.R.Vlokh

Higher Education

  • PhD and Doctor of Sciences Programs for two specialties, namely: 01.04.05 – Optics, Laser Physics and 01.04.07 – Solid-State Physics are available at the Institute
  • Dissertation defenses Specialized Scientific Council
  • Specialized Scientific Council for the defense of dissertation for PhD and Doctor of Sciences degrees works at the address:
  • Specialized Scientific Council Д35.071.01 at the Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics, 23 Dragomanov St., Lviv, 79005, Ukraine tel./fax +38 (032) 261-14-83

Specialized Council