Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics of Vlokh Ministry of Education of Ukraine has been founded according to the Government Resolution dated by July 7, 1992 to support fundamental and application research in Physical optics, for development of existing and formation of new scientific schools in Physical optics, foundation of the bases for modern scientific optical industry, increasing of the qualification level of scientific, engineer and teaching staff.

The Institute was founded on the basis of an available scientific school of Parametric Optics, which at that time was unique for its scientific direction as well as for its research level in Ukraine and far abroad. the scientific school became well known in the world starting from the renowned papers on Electrooptics, being the pioneer work in this direction in former USSR.

The founder of the Institute, a scientist with the world recognition, community leader and known Ukrainian politician Prof. O. G. Vlokh (1934-2009). started this research at the Institute of Crystallography, Academy of Sciences of USSR.

and continued at Ivan Franko Lviv State University, where Prof. Vlokh has founded a Prof. O. G. Vlokh, right following his discovery of the phenomenon of electrogyration.

To explore these studies and accounting their importance for the military defense the Chair of Nonlinear Optics provided scientific courses for students with the specialty "Optical and Optical Electronic Systems". Later on a Special Design Bureau "Modulator" was founded on the basis of the Chair of Nonlinear Optics. The total duration of the courses for students was 5.5 years, with the last courses year reserved for practical research by the students in scientific laboratories at the Chair.
Number of prominent scientists, working at present in Ukraine and abroad and being heads of Departments and scientific groups have begun their carrier graduating from the Chair of Nonlinear Optics.

Totally for the period of the activity of the scientific school more that 50 scientists have obtained PhD (Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics) degree and eight scientists got Habilitation degree Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, most of them during last twenty years at the Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics.

In general, more than 50 candidates and 8 doctors of sciences were trained during the period of the school’s existence, most of them in the last 17 years, namely during the period of functioning of the Institute of Physical Optics named after Prof. O. G. Vlokh of Education and Science of Ukraine.

У 2014 р. The name of the founder of the Institute – professor O. G. Vlokh was assigned to the Institute by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2014