Scope of application

Non-destructive control of residual and technological stresses in optical elements by the distribution of phase difference and orientation of optical indicatrix


• Admissible absolute error when measuring the orientation of the indicatrix (depending on the phase difference value) ~ 1 deg (30-160 degrees, ~ 5 deg (5-30 degrees and 160-175 degrees)
• The absolute error for determining the phase difference (depending on the difference of phases) is 5 deg (10-30 deg and 160-170 degrees), ~ 10 deg (5-10 deg and 170-175 deg)
• Power consumption not exceeding 100 W;
• Overall dimensions 690x760x170mm

The examples of device application

Quality control of quarter-wave plates
Coordinate dependences of the phase difference and the orientation of the optical indicatrix along the diameter of the quarter-wave plates of different quality.

Control of the quality of installation of the active element of a solid-state laser
When mounting an active element in a quantum node, mechanical stresses may occur, which will lead to changes in the optical characteristics of the active element and the deterioration of laser generation.

Distribution of phase difference in an active laser element, induced by clamping when collecting quantra-nons (input and output surfaces)