Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  1, Volume 14,  2013)

Titles and authors pages
Luminescence spectrum of 2-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole in the solid state

Syetov Y.

Growth, crystal structure, thermal properties and optical anisotropy of Tl4CdI6 single crystals

Franiv A. V., Kushnir O. S., Girnyk I. S., Franiv V. A., Kityk I., Piasecki M. and Plucinski K. J.

Optical absorption of polydisperse TiO2: Effect of surface doping by transition metal cations

Kernazhitsky L., Shymanovska V., Gavrilko T., Naumov V. and Kshnyakin V.

THz response of nonequilibrium electrons of highly doped graphene on a polar substrate

Kukhtaruk S. M.

Do optical quarks exist in the free space? A scalar treatment

Volyar Alexander V.

Photoacoustic response of a common starfish tissue

Guskos N., Majszczyk J., Typek J. , Rybicki J. and Padlyak B.

Efficiency of spin-to-orbit conversion in crystals subjected to torsion stresses

Vasylkiv Yu., Skab I. and Vlokh R.


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