Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  1, Volume 7,  2006)

Titles and authors pages
Spectroscopy of Mn-Doped Glasses Of CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 System

Padlyak B., Vlokh O., Kuklinski B., Sagoo K.

Analysis of Singularity Properties of the Radiation Field in Low-Mode Optical Fibres

Alexeyev A.N., Alexeyev C.N., Fadeyeva T.A., Volyar A.V.

On the Temperature Behaviour of Optical Transmission Spectra of gamma-Modified vitreous As2S3

Golovchak R.Ya., Shpotyuk O.I., Boyko V.T., Zurawska A.

Luminescence and Reflection Spectra of Sn2P2Se6 Semiconductors-Ferroelectrics at Low Temperatures

Vlokh R., Grabar O., Vysochanskii Yu., Dmitruk I.

Optical Geometric Properties of Skin Epidermis Surface: Statistical and Fractal Approach

Angelsky O.V., Ushenko A.G., Ushenko Yu.A.

The influence of point defects on the vibrational spectrum of Li2B4O7 crystal

Moiseyenko V.N., Dergachov M.P., Burak Ya.V.

Optical Birefringence and Domain Structure of the as-grown Rb2xTl2(1-x)Cd2(SO4)4 Solid Solutions at Phase Transitions

Say A., Sveleba S., Teslyuk I., Martynyuk-Lototska I., Girnyk I., Vlokh R.


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