Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  4, Volume 18,  2017)

Structure and optical anisotropy of K1.75(NH4)0.25SO4 solid solution

Shchepanskyi P.A., Kushnir O.S., Stadnyk V.Yo., Fedorchuk A.O., Rudysh M.Ya.,  Brezvin R.S., Demchenko P.Yu. and Krymus A.S.

Faraday effect in TlInS2 crystals

Adamenko D., Vasylkiv Yu., Pogodin A., Kokhan O. and Vlokh R.

Detection of wheat hardness based on a laser-generated ultrasonic signal

Fan Chao

Influence of atmosphere turbulence and laser coherence on the identification method based on interference multiple-beam scanning of optical targets

Zhao Yan-zhong, He Ting , Shan Cong-miao and Sun Hua-yan

Study of plasma frequency for Al–In alloys with different concentrations

Zheng Yu, Biloshenko K. S., Makarovskiy M., Guliyova Y., Shulga S., Wojnarowska R., Sheregii E. M. and  Prokhorenko S.

Optical and electrical properties of Cu6PS5I-based thin films versus copper content variation

Studenyak I.P., Izai V.Yu., Bendak A.V., Guranich P.P., Azhniuk Yu.M., Kúš P. and Zahn D.R.T.

Compact arrayed waveguide gratings for visible wavelengths based on silicon nitride

Syed Ashar Ali and Sang Jeen Hong


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