Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  3, Volume 14,  2013)

Analytical relations describing piezooptic effect in tetragonal crystals

Mytsyk B., Demyanyshyn N. and Kost’ Ya.

Manifestation of metastable γ-TeO2 phase in the Raman spectrum of crystals grown in synthetic opal pores

Abu Sal B., Moiseyenko V., Dergachov M., Yevchik A. and Dovbeshko G.

Self-diffraction effects of Gentian violet dispersed in transparent glue films

Chiu R., Marañon-Ruiz V. F., Mora-González M., Castañeda-Contreras J. and Castaño V.M.

Fifth-rank axial tensor describing the gradient piezogyration effect

Vasylkiv Yu., Kvasnyuk O., Zapeka B. and Vlokh R.

Electromagnetically induced transparency and Autler–Townes effect in a generalized Λ-system: A five-level model

Żaba A., Cao Long V., Głódź M., Paul-Kwiek E., Kowalski K., Szonert J.,  Woźniak D. and Gateva S. 

Optically pumped mirrorless lasing. A review. Part I. Random lasing

Nastishin Yu. A. and Dudok T. H.


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