Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  4, Volume 7,  2006)

Titles and authors pages
Optical Spectroscopy of Nd3+ Centres in the Glass with 3CaO-Ga2O3-3GeO2 Composition 

Padlyak B., Vlokh O., Ryba-Romanowski W., Lisiecki R.

Optical Properties of Nitrogen-Doped Epitaxial ZnO Layers

Rogozin I.V.

Visualization of Space-Charge Waves in Photorefractive Semiconductor Using Polarimetric Technique

Shcherbin K., Danylyuk V., Khomenko A.

Application of Small-Angular Magnetooptic Polarimetry for Study of Magnetogyration in (Ga0.3In0.7)2Se3 and SiO2 Crystals

Krupych O., Vasylkiv Yu., Adamenko D., Vlokh R., Vlokh O.

Optical-Gravitation Nonlinearity: A Change of Gravitational Coefficient G induced by Gravitation Field 

Vlokh R., Kostyrko M.

Polarimetric Studies of Linear Dichroism in Cr-Doped Gallogermanate Crystals

Shopa Y., Ftomyn N.


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