Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics

Volume 1, Number 1, 2000

Titles and authors pages
Optical properties of crystals with incommensurate structure of Lifshitz’s type
Vlokh O.G.
1 - 12
Crystalline and band energy structure of Ag2CdI4
Bolesta I., Futey O., Velgosh S.
13 - 15
Field anomaly of magnetic linear birefringence in magnetoelectric LiCoPO4
Kharchenko M.F., Myloslavska O.V., Kharchenko Y.M., Shmid H., Rivera J-P.
16 - 18
Piezooptical constants of Rochelle salt crystals
Stadnyk V.Yo., Romanyuk M.O., Kurlyak V.Yu., Vachulovych V.F.
19 - 23
Optical properties quantun size InxTl1-xI embedded in solid matrices
Franiv A.V., Peleshchyshyn R.V., Kolosivski Yu.M.
24 - 27
The domain structure of the Rb2Cd2(SO4)3 and Tl2Cd2(SO4)3 langbeinite crystals
  1.The domain structure in the ferroelastic phase of the Tl2Cd2(SO4)3 crystals
Vlokh R., Skab I., Girnyk I., Czapla Z., Dacko S., Kosturek B.
28 - 31
Induced gyrotropy in NaBi(Mo1-xWxO4)2 solid solutions
Lutsiv-Shumski L., Shopa Ya., Girnyk I.
32 - 34
The studies of domain tructure in ferroics by imaging polarymetry.The case of Rochelle salt
Krupych O.M., Vlokh R., Vlokh O.G.
35 - 39
Quantum-mechanical expression for dielectric tensor in incommensurate phases
Kusnir O.S., Lokot L.O.
40 - 42
High-accuracy determination for optical indicatrix rotation in ferroelectric DTGS
Kushnir O.S., Bevz O.A., Vlokh O.G.
43 - 45
Incommensurate crystal phase in KTm(MoO4)2 compound
Kobets M.I., Khatsko E.N., Bagulja V.A.
46 - 48
Structure, defects and phase transitions in the III group monohalides
Kolinko M.I., Bovgyra O.V., Nevidomskyy A.Hr.
49 - 52
Dielectric properties of Pb5Ge3O11:Cu2+ crystals
Kudzin A.Yu., Volnianskii M.D., Duda V.M., Trubitsyn M.P. Ermakov A.S.
53 - 57
Exciton-phonon interaction and disordering processes in Cu6P(Si1-xSex)5I fast-ion conductors
Studenyak I.P.
58 - 61
Dielectric properties of Cu6P(S0,1Se0,9)5I superionic crystals under high hydrostatic pressures
Lukach P., Guranich P., Guivan A., Gerzanich E., Panyko V.
62 - 64

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