Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics

Supplement 3 


(Volume 13, Supplement 3, 2012)

On the (P, T, x)-phase diagram of Sn2P2(SexS1x)6 solid solutions: comparison of temperature dependences of the acoustic 
wave velocities in Sn2P2S6 and Sn2P2(Se0.28S0.72)6 crystals under high hydrostatic pressures

Martynyuk-Lototska I., Say A., Zapeka B., Mys O. and Vlokh R.

Non-volatile memory and IR radiation modulators based upon graphene-on-ferroelectric substrate. A review

Strikha M. V.

Studies of the influence of uniaxial pressure on the electric behaviour of Li0.015Na0.985NbO3 ceramics

Wlodzimierz Smiga and Barbara Garbarz-Glos

Effect of MnO2 doping on the dielectric properties of barium titanate ceramics

Sitko D., Bak W., Garbarz-Glos B., Antonova M. and  Jankowska-Sumara I.


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