of the journal “Scientific Horizons”
Editor-in-Chief, Chief of Topical Editorial Council  Strikha M.V.

Executive Editor – Vlokh R.O.
Topical Editorial Board – Litovchenko V. G.  (Physics and Mathematics Sciences), Sytnik K.M. (Biology, Chemistry and Medicine), Bazilevich V.D. (Social Sciences), Bulavin L.A. (Physics and Mathematics Sciences), Pavlishin V.I. (Earth Sciences)
Topic series – Physics and Mathematics Sciences
Topical Editor - Litovchenko V. G.

Editorial Board: 

Bulavin L.A. (physics of liquids and polymers)
Nakhodkin M.G. (electronic spectroscopy, surface physics)
Vidmachenko A. P. (astrophysics)
Ptashnyk B.Y. (theory of differential equations)
Vysochanskii Yu.M. (structural phase transitions)
Vlokh R.O. (crystal optics)
Ostafiychuk, B. K. (materials science)
Projdak Yu.S. (metal physics) 

Topic series – Biology, Chemistry and Medicine
Topical Editor - Sytnik K.M.

Editorial Board: 

Gladyshevskii R. E. (crystal chemistry)
Andreichin M.A. (medicine, infectious diseases)
Bilynskii B. T. (medicine, oncology)
Grygoryuk I. P. (biology, botany)
Vlokh I.Y. (psychiatry, medical psychology)
Patyka, V. P. (agricultural microbiology)
Pavlovskii M.P. (surgery)
Yablonskii V.A. (veterinary science, biochemistry)

Topic series – Earth Sciences
Topical Editor – Pavlishin V.I.

Editorial Board:

Shishchenko P. G (geography, ecology)
Poznyak S. P. (geography, soil science, ecology)
Drobnokhod М.І. (geology)
Pavlun М.М. (geology)
Skiba S. (geography, soil science)

Topic series – Social Sciences
Topical Editor – Bazilevich V.D.

Editorial Board: 

Zorivchak R.P. (Ukrainian philology)
Vera Rich (philology, journalism)
Kralyuk P.M. (philosophy)
Furman A.V. (psychology, pedagogics)
Cherednichenko O.I. (philology)
Filipenko A.S. (economics)
Kononenko P.P. (philology)
Yakovenko Yu.I. (sociology, political sciences)

 Address of Editorial Board:
23 Dragomanov St., 79005 Lviv
Institute of Physical Optics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
tel.:(+380) 32 – 261-14-88, fax: (+380) 32 – 261-14-83 
Technical Editor  T. Dudok
Language Editor  O. Kushnir

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