Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  3, Volume 11,  2010)

Titles and authors pages
About the estimation of degree of coherence for circularly polarized waves

Zenkova C.Yu., Gorsky M.P., Gorodynska N.V.

Variations in refractive optical properties of nylon 66 fibres under different thermal conditions 

El-Nicklawy M.M., El-Agmy R., Hassan A.F., El-Hagary Magdy, Adel Amany

Effect of size-selective photoetching on the absorption and photoluminescence spectra of CdSe nanoparticles

Davydenko M.O., Dmitruk I.M., Pundyk I.P., Berezovska N.I., Romanyuk V.R.

Determination of piezooptic coefficient p14 of LiNbO3 crystals under torsion loading

Vasylkiv Yu., Savaryn V., Smaga I., Skab I., Vlokh R.

Study of planar waveguide structure of He+ ion-implanted Sn2P2S6 crystal 
with multiple-angle-of-incidence ellipsometry technique

Kostruba A., Kobec A.P., Grabar A.A., Vlokh R.

Temperature studies of Urbach absorption edge in implanted Cu6PS5Br crystals

Studenyak I.P., Izai V.Yu., Panko V.V., Kú P., Plecenik A.


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