Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  1, Volume 8,  2007)

Titles and authors pages
Pancharatnamís phase induced by spin-orbit interaction in weakly guiding twisted elliptical fibres

 Alexeyev C.N., Yavorsky M.A.

Dipole glassy state evidence for CuInP2(SexS1-x)6 ferrielectric mixed crystals from Raman scattering and optical absorption data

Beley L.M., Mykajlo O.A., Stephanovych V.O., Studenjak I.P., Gurzan M.I., Vysochanskii Yu.M.

Studies of magnetogyration in cubic Bi12GeO20 crystals using small-angular magnetooptic polarimetry

Krupych O., Adamenko D., Say A., Klymiv I., Vlokh R., Vlokh O.

Optical anisotropy of uniformly aligned planar surfactant lyotropic nematic doped with hemoglobin

Omelchenko M.M., Boiko O.P., Nazarenko V.G., Nastishin Yu.A., Vlokh R.O. 

Electrically and magnetically induced optical rotation in Pb5Ge3O11:Cr crystals at the phase transition. 
1. Electrogyration effect in Pb5Ge3O11:Cr

Adamenko D., Klymiv I., Duda V. M., Vlokh R., Vlokh O.

Optical extinction spectra of the aqueous suspensions of Ag nanoparticles

Malynych S., Moroz I., Kurlyak V.


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