Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  3, Volume 7,  2006)

Titles and authors pages
Structure and Orbital Angular Momentum of Singular Array of Gaussian Beams

Volyar A., Shvedov V., Izdebskaya Ya., Fadeyeva T., Rubass A.

Conoscopic Patterns for Optically Uniaxial Gyrotropic Crystals in the Vicinity of Isotropic Point

Vasylkiv Yu., Nastishin Yu., Vlokh R.

Raman Scattering in Ionic Conducting Li2B4O7 Crystals at High Temperatures

Moiseyenko V.N., Dergachov M.P., Burak Ya.V.

On the “Forbidden” Ferroelastic Domain Structure in  Rb2xTl2(1-x)Cd2(SO4)3 Crystals (x=0.1, 0.2 and 0.3). Optical Microscopic Observations

Say A., Vasylkiv Yu., Girnyk I., Vlokh R.

Photoluminescence of Nematic Liquid Crystal Doped with Anthraquinone Dye

Gayvoronsky V., Yakunin S., Pergamenshchik V., Nazarenko V., Palewska K., Sworakowski J., Podhorodecki A., Misiewicz J.

Piezooptic Coefficients and Acoustic Wave Velocities in Sn2P2S6 Crystals

Mys O., Martynyuk-Lototska I., Grabar A., Vysochanskii Yu., Vlokh R.

Singularities of Poynting Vector and the Structure of Optical Fields

Mokhun I., Mokhun A., Viktorovskaya Ju.

Refractive Indices of Glasses of CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 System

Padlyak B.V., Vlokh O.G., Romanyuk M.M., Romanyuk G.M.

Comment on “Effective Refractive Index Tensor for Weak-Field Gravity” by P. Boonserm, C. Cattoen, T. Faber, M. Visser and S. Weinfurtner

Vlokh R.O., Kostyrko M.E.

 Podolskyy D.S., Moiseyenko V.N., Gorelik V.S. and Shvachich V.G. Ukr.J.Phys.Opt. 7 (2006) p.58-62. 
        Page 58. Instead title “Reflection Spectra of and Infiltrated Synthetic Opal Photonic Ba(NO3)2 Crystals” 
        Should be: ”Reflection Spectra of Bare and Infiltrated with Ba(NO3)2 Synthetic Opal Photonic Crystals”

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