Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  2, Volume 7,  2006)

Titles and authors pages
Electrogyration in Organic-Inorganic [(CH2OH)3CNH3)]H2PO4 Crystals

Vlokh R., Mys O., Czapla Z.

Effect of Nonlinear Exciton-Phonon Interaction on the Intrinsic Optical Bistability in Layered Semiconductors

Derevyanchuk O., Zenkova C., Kramar V., Kramar N.

Reflection Spectra of Bare and Infiltrated with Ba(NO3)2 Synthetic Opal Photonic Crystals

Podolskyy D.S., Moiseyenko V.N., Gorelik V.S., Shvachich V.G.

Angular Momentum of Electromagnetic Field in Areas of Polarization Singularities

Mokhun I., Brandel R., Viktorovskaya Ju.

Studies of Raman Scattering from Bi12GeO20 Crystal-Copper Film Interface

Moiseyenko V., Vdovin A.


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