Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  4, Volume 4,  2003

Titles and authors pages
Thermal Expansion and Phase Transformation Observation in Cs2BX4 (B=Hg, Cd; X=Br, Cl) Crystals 
1. Cs2HgCl4 crystals

Krupych O., Girnyk I., Trach I., Vlokh R., Vlokh O. 

The Effect of Ethanol Intoxication on the Spectral Characteristics for Blood Components of White Rats 

Korobova O., Dudok T., Trach I., Moroz O., Vlokh I., Vlokh R.

Phase Coexistence in Cs3Bi2I9 Ferroelastics: Optical, Dilatation and Ultrasonic Velocity Studies

Girnyk I., Krupych O., Martunyuk-Lototska I., Motsnyi F., Vlokh R.

Influence of Ba-Sr Substitution on the Optical Properties of BaB2O4 Single Crystals

Adamiv V., Krupych O., Dyachok Ya., Teslyuk I., Romanyuk G., Malynych S., Burak Ya.

Baric Changes in the Optical Indicatrix of TGS Crystals with L-threonine Admixture

Kardash V., Romanyuk G., Brezvin R., Kurlyak V., Stadnyk V.

Optimization of Experimental Conditions for Ellipsometric Studies of ultra-thin Absorptive Films

Kostruba A.M.

Determination of 2D Stress Distribution in Semiconductor Glass As2Se3 with Infrared Imaging Polarimeter

Krupych O., Smaga I., Vlokh R.


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