Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  3, Volume 4,  2003

Titles and authors pages
Methods for the Studies of Piezooptic Effect in Crystals and Analysis of the Experimental Data
II. Analysis of the experimental data

Mytsyk B.

Comparison of the Blood Component Optical Transmission Spectra of White Rats with and without Ethanol Intoxication

Dudok T., Korobova O., Korobov V., Moroz O., Vlokh I., Vlokh R.

Generalized fractional Fourier transform in optical systems

Kozlovskii Yu.M.

Optical properties of SnO2-As2Se3-ZnS(Mn, Cu)-Al structure with intermediate chalcogenide-glass layer

Mateleshko N., Mitsa V., Sikora S.

Optical-Refractometric Synthesis of Transmission Spectra and Optical Parameters of 0.5TiO2*0.5Nd2O3 Thin Films

Studenyak I.P., Kranjcec M., Nahusko O.T., Borets O.M.

X,T-Phase Diagram of the Cu6PS5JxBr1-x Mixed Crystals. Optical, Dilatation and Ultrasonic Velocity Studies

Girnyk I., Kaynts D., Krupych O., Martunyuk-Lototska I., Vlokh R.

Phase Transition in b-Alanine Amino Acid Crystals

Girnyk I., Mys O., Gridyakina G., Dovbeshko G., Vlokh R.


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