Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 

Contents & Abstracts

(Number  1, Volume  2, March  2001)

Titles and authors pages
Binary phase elements: optical and statistical properties
Shovgenyk M.V., Krokhmalskii T.Ye., Kozlovskii M.P.
1 - 20
Investigation of the adsorption behavior of polymethacrylic acid on silicon substrates
Kostruba A.M., Fedorko V.F., Skorobogaty Ya.P., Korodenko G.D.
21 - 25
Raman scattering and optical absorption edge studies of CuInP2S6 and CuInP2(S0.95Se0.05)6 layered ferrielectrics
Studenyak I.P. , Mitrovcij V.V., Stefanovich V.A., Kovacs Gy.Sh., Mykajlo O.A., Gurzan M.I., Vysochanski Yu.M.
26 - 30
X-Ray excited and photoluminescence of CdS1-xSex nanocrystals embedded in borosilicate glass matrix
Gomonnai A.V., Solomon A.M., Yukhimchuk V.A., Lopushansky V.V., Azhniuk Yu.M., Turok I.I.
31 - 35
Refractive indexes and piezooptical effect in the Ca2Pb(C2H5CO2)6 crystals
Vlokh R.O., Gotra Z.Yu., Andrushchak A.S., Mys O.G., Kaidan M.V.
36 - 39
Application of wavelet transformation in analysis of signals obtained from optoelectronic device
Wojcik W., Gotra Z., Kotyra A.
40 - 45
Optical measurement system for real-time estimation of gas pollutants' concentration based on artificial neural network
Wojcik W., Gotra Z., Duk M., Kotyra A., Przylucki S.W., Smolarz A.
46 - 52

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