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Number  1, Volume  2, March  2001

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Optical measurement system for real-time estimation of gas pollutants' concentration based on artificial neural network  
1Wojcik W., 2Gotra Z., 1Duk M., 1Kotyra A., 1Przylucki S.W., 1Smolarz A.

1 Department of Electronics, Technical University of Lublin, 38A Nadbystrzycka St., 
  20-618 Lublin, Poland
2 Lviv State Technical University, 12 Bandery St., Lviv, Ukraine

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In this paper we present optoelectronic measurement system for monitoring the industrial gas pollutants. The system consists of a source of light, an optical fiber as a data transmission link, a spectrometer, an optical detection system and a neural network unit for a real-time spectral data processing. We have paid the major attention to the neural network structure and its properties in gas recognition and gas concentration estimation.

Key words: neural network, power industry, spectroscopy, environmental pollution

doi 10.3116/16091833/2/1/46/2001

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