Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  4, Volume 19,  2018)

Rhodamine 6G and Au–Pd core–shell nanorods: fluorescence enhancement for detection of mercury

Ekkachai Rammarat, Sasiwimon Kraithong, Nantanit Wanichacheva, Pattanawit Swanglap, Witoon Yindeesuk, Pattareeya Damrongsak and Kitsakorn Locharoenrat

Infrared and visible image fusion based on shiftable complex directional pyramid transform and SUSAN edge detector

Defa Hu, Hailiang Shi and Weijin Jiang

Raman scattering in glassy Li2B4O7 doped with Er2O3

Puga P. P., Danyliuk P. S, Gomonai A. I., Rizak H. V., Rizak I. M., Rizak V. M., Puga G. D., Kvetková L. and Byrov M. M.

Anisotropy of acousto-optic figure of merit in tetragonal crystals with accounting for non-orthogonality of acoustic eigenwave polarizations. 
1. The cases of KH2PO4 and NH4H2PO4 crystals

Mys O., Kostyrko M., Adamenko D. and Vlokh R.

Interrelations between structural and optical properties of (Cu1–хAgx)7GeS5I mixed crystals

Studenyak I. P., Izai V. Yu., Studenyak V. I., Pogodin A. I.,Filep M. Y., Kokhan O. P., Grančič B. and Kúš P.

Silicon photonic grating coupler for monitoring optical emission of plasma

Minhee Lee, Sung Chul Kim and Sang Jeen Hong


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