Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  4, Volume 14,  2013)

Optical vortex generation by volume holographic elements with embedded phase singularity: Effects of misalignments

Bekshaev A., Sviridova S., Popov A., Rimashevsky A. and Tyurin A.

Electronic band structure and luminescence properties of powdered ZrP2O7 crystals

Nedilko S. and Chornii V.

Erbium-doped fibre ring laser based on microfibre coupler

A. Sulaiman, M. Z. Muhammad, H. Ahmad and S. W. Harun

Efficient materials for spin-to-orbit angular momentum conversion using bending technique

Vasylkiv Yu., Smaga I., Skab I. and Vlokh R.

On the acoustooptic efficiency of Pb2P2Se6 crystals. Acoustic and thermal studies: Errata 

Mys O., Martynyuk-Lototska I., Kostruba A. M., Grabar A. and Vlokh R.

Multi-wavelength Q-switched erbium-doped fibre laser using saturable absorber based on carbon nanotube film

Anyi C. L., Ali N. M., Rahman A. A., Harun S. W. and Arof H.

Thermal expansion of Pb2P2Se6 crystals

Mys O., Girnyk I., Grabar A., Martynyuk-Lototska I., Kostyrko M. and Vlokh R.

Modification of optical properties of 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydro-quinone in opal photonic crystals

Moiseyenko V., Dergachov M., Abu Sal B. and Yevchik A. 


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