Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  3, Volume 5,  2004

Titles and authors pages
Acoustooptic Diffraction and Light Absorption in Cs2BX4 (B=Hg, Cd; X=Br, Cl) Crystals

Martynyuk-Lototska I., Dudok T., Trach I., Vlokh R. 

Laguerre-Gaussian Beams in Uniaxial Crystals

Volyar A., Fadeyeva T.

Multiple Reflections in Crystals: Natural and Faraday Optical Activity

Kushnir O.S.

Singular Beam Diffraction by the Edge of a Dielectric Medium

Izdebskaya Ya.V., Shvedov V.G., Volyar A.V. 

Spike in Spectra of Light Reflection by Crystals as a Criterion of Spatial Dispersion Appearance in Exciton Optical Properties

Kosoboutski P., Morgulis A., Karkulewska M., Danylov A.

Spectral Characteristics of Hemoglobin Taken from the Blood of Rats Subjected to Durable Ethanol Intoxication

Dudok K.P., Vlokh R., Vlokh I., Dudok T., Fedorovich A.M., Moroz O.M., Grinchishin N.M.


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