Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  4, Volume 3,  2002

Titles and authors pages
Optical Properties of Langbeinites (III. Birefringence study at phase transitions and Raman scattering spectrums).

Vlokh R., Vlokh O.V., Skab I., Girnyk I.

Integrated Optical Ring Resonator of The Quantum Gyro with Quasicoherent Source of Radiation

Mashchenko An.I.

Method of Light Beam Orbital Angular Momentum Evaluation by Means of Space-Angle Intensity Moments

Bekshaev A.Ya., Popov A.Yu.

Crystallooptical Properties of Ferroics with the Dimethylammonium Cation ( DMA-MeCl4, Me=Cu, Zn; DMA-MnCl3 ) in the Region of their Phase Transitions

Kapustianyk V., Bazhan V., Korchak Yu., Sveleba S., Mokryi V.

Elastical, Piezooptical and Acoustooptical Properties of Lithium Tetra Borate Crystals

Martynyuk-Lototska I., Mys O., Adamiv V., Ya.Burak Ya., Vlokh R

Optical Observation of Ferroelastic Domains in Cu6PS5X (X=I,Br,Cl) Crystals

Kaynts D.I., Studenyak I.P., Nebola I.I., Horvat A.A.

Magnetogyration in the CdS and (Gax In1-x)2Se3 Crystals in the Spectral Range of Interband Absorption

Vlokh R., Vlokh O.G., Klymiv I., Adamenko D.

Temperature Behavior of the Coefficients of Combined Piezoelectrooptical Effect at the Proper Ferroelectrical Phase Transition in Pb5Ge3O11

Vlokh R., Mys O., Kostyrko M.

Optical Spectra Calculations in Layer Semiconductor 2H-PbI2

Kramar N., KramarV., Nitsovich B.


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