Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 

Number  4, Volume 3,  2002

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Elastical, Piezooptical and Acoustooptical Properties of Lithium Tetra Borate Crystals  
Martynyuk-Lototska I., Mys O., Adamiv V., Ya.Burak Ya., Vlokh R.

Institute of Physical Optics, 23 Dragomanov Str., 79005, L’viv, Ukraine

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The refractive, elastical and piezooptical properties of the lithium tetra borate crystals have been investigated. The dispersions of the refractive indexes of Li2B4O7 crystals have been measured in the wavelength range 350-650 nm. The results of the measurement of velocity of the longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves in lithium borate crystals are presented. On the base of ultrasonic velocity measurements the components of the elastic matrix Cmn of these crystals have been calculated. Using the determined values of the refractive, elastical and elastooptical tensor components the acoustooptical quality M2 of Li2B4O7 crystals has been calculated.

Key words: borate crystals, piezooptical effect, acoustooptical effect, sound velocity.


doi 10.3116/16091833/3/4/264/2002

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