Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  1, Volume 3,  2002

Titles and authors pages
Textural and conoscopic studies of chiral liquid crystals possessing cholestric - smectic A or cholesteric-TGB A - smectic A phase transitions

Nastishin Yu.A., Kleman M., Dovgyi O.B.

Optical anisotropy of (C3H7NH3)2CuCl4 and (C3H7NH3)2MnCl4 crystals

Kushnir O.S., Bolesta I.M., Furgala Yu.M., Lutsiv-Shumski L.P., ShopaR.Y., Sveleba S.A.

Light beams focusing in periodically non-uniform crystalline medium 

Kurilkina S.N.

Nature of boundary radiation of  alpha-CdSe layers obtained by isovalent replacement

Makhniy V.P., Slyotov M.M., Stets E.V.

Raman-Nath thin gratings of low-saturated dynamic recording materials

Bugaychuk S., Korchemskaya E., Burykin N.

Optical analysis of middle-molecular mass molecules of blood of individuals suffering from myocardial ischemia

Korobov V., Bolesta I., Dika A., Korobova O., Savitsky V.

The theory of second harmonic generation in media with natural and magnetic gyrotropy. Approach of the coupled waves 

Mityurich G.S., Rogosenko V.N., Serdyukov A.N.

Indices of fermentativ activity of periphery blood during the treatment of purulent wounds of children by low-intensive radiation of infrared laser

Dyadyura A.M., Volyar A.V., Nikiforov K.E.

Modeling of phase relief of holographic diffraction gratings: application to self-developing photopolymers

Shovgenyuk M.V., Hlushak P.A., Kozlovskii Yu.M., Tikhonov E.A., Smirnova T.N., Ezhov P.V.

Comments on the Shoucri’s interpretation of the contour integral in diffraction theory. (On the bicentenary of Th.Young's diffraction paradigm)

Polyanskii P.V., Botiryova G.V.


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