Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 

Number  1, Volume 3,  2002

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Raman-Nath thin gratings of low-saturated dynamic recording materials
1Bugaychuk S., 1Korchemskaya E., 2Burykin N.

1Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences, 46 Prospect Nauki, Kiev 03039, Ukraine
2Institute of Applied Optics of the National Academy of Sciences, 10G Kudryavskaya Str., Kiev 03053, Ukraine

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The holographic kinetics of organic polymer thin films with low-saturated absorption are considered both for self-diffraction and diffraction of a weak probe beam in Raman-Nath conditions. The coupling effect between different diffracted orders is taking into account. The coupling effect results in considerable increase of the diffraction efficiency of self-diffracted beams compared with the diffraction of the probe beam were shown. For the region of deep saturation the maximum diffraction efficiency is higher than in the region far from the saturation. The maximum of diffraction efficiency is reached for considerable shorter time in grating recording kinetics in the region of deep saturation. This opens the perspective of using those materials for novelty filter. The experimental results on low-saturated dry bacteriorhodopsin films well agree the theoretical predictions.

doi 10.3116/16091833/3/1/27/2002

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