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Imaging Polarimeter
Areas of applications:
nondestructive testing of residual and technological stresses in optical elements via 2D mapping of optical phase retardation and orientation of optical indicatrix 
Technical specifications:

Tolerance in the measurement of: 

  • optical indicatrix orientation (depending on the phase retardation value): 

  • ~1 deg (30-160 deg); 
    ~5 deg (5-30 and 160-175 deg); 
  • phase retardation (depending on its value):

  • ~ 3 deg (30-160 deg); 
    ~ 5 deg (10-30 deg and 160 170 deg); 
    ~ 10 deg (5-10 deg and 170-175 deg); 
Power Consumption:  below 100W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 690x760x170mm 
Application examples
1. Quality control for quaterwave plates
Coordinate dependencies of the phase retardation and optical indicatrix orientation along a diameter of quaterwave plates of different quality.

2. Control of assembling quality for an active element of a solid state laser.
Assembling of laser active element can be accompanied by mechanical stresses, affecting optical characteristics of the optical elements and worsening the laser generation
Distribution of optical phase retardation, induced in the active element by its squeezing at the installation of a laser cavity (input and output surfaces)


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