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Quartz dilatometer with the electric capacity sensor
Areas of applications:
Physics of Solids, Mechanics, Physics of Phase Transitions 

Dilatometer is designed for measurements of changes in linear sizes for solid samples and determination of their coefficients of thermal linear expansion. The working principle of the dilatometer consists in the measurements of the temperature-induced changes of linear sizes of solid samples. Variation of the temperature on heating or cooling is controlled with a computer. 

Technical specifications:
  • Sensitivity: 1nm
  • Sample sizes: height 0.5-15mm
  • Temperature ranges: [-190  +80]C and [+20 +1000]C
  • Temperature rates: [0.1 5]C/min. 
  • Accuracy for temperature stabilization: 0.05C:
  • Accuracy for temperature measurements: 0.01C
  • Accuracy relative linear expansion measurements:  ~10-6
  • Computer operational system: WIN/98/2000/XP
Application examples
Changes of linear sizes for a crystal of Li2B4O7 (z-direction, L=10mm) due to pyroelectric discharging on cooling with the temperature rate 1C/min
Temperature dependencies of relative linear elongation for K2Cd1,8Mn0,2(SO4)3  crystals at the phase transition


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