Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


(Number  2, Volume 10,  2009)

Titles and authors pages
On the Urbach rule in SbSI ferroelectric crystal 

Studenyak I.P., Kranjcec M., Koperlyos B.M.

Electrogyration effect in lead germanate crystal family.
2. The case of crystals doped with Li, Eu, La, Nd and (Li, Bi)

Shopa Y.I., Kushnir O.S., Adamenko D., Shopa R.Y., Dzyubanski V.S., Vlokh R.O., Vlokh O.G.

Application of spectral envelope functions of multilayer structures for analytical determination of antireflection conditions

Kushnir O.P.

Ferroelastic crystals as effective acoustooptic materials

Vlokh R., Martynyuk-Lototska I.

Plasma effect on propagation of filamented femtosecond laser pulse in fused silica

Blonskyi I., Kadan V., Shpotyuk O., Pavlov I.


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