ISSN 1816-2002 (Online), ISSN 1609-1833 (Print)

Special Series “Nanomaterials and Optoelectronics”

“Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics” initiates the special topic series “Nanomaterials and Optoelectronics”. In 2023 the papers will be accepted beginning from July 1. The deadline for submission is November 30. Papers of special topic series will be published in Issue 5, 2023. The manuscripts have to be submitted by email:

Optoelectronics is a rapidly developing field of research covering nanomaterials, 2D layered materials, thin films and crystals produced of inorganic and organic semiconductors. This issue will aim to publish original research and short review articles covering the following topics:

  • Physics and applications of semiconductors and their alloys for nanomaterials and thin films
  • Physics and applications of 2D materials for optoelectronics
  • Wide-bandgap materials for UV optoelectronics
  • Infrared materials and optoelectronics
  • Photoelectrical properties and growth of novel semiconductor nanomaterials
  • Physics of novel optoelectronic devices

Topic editor:
Dr. Sergii Golovynskyi, Res. Assoc. Prof.
College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, P.R. China;
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Guest Editors:
Dr. Luca Seravalli, Senior Researcher
Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism, IMEM-CNR, I-43124, Parma, Italy

Dr. Oleksandr I. Datsenko, Senior Researcher
Physics Faculty, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dr. Ana I. Pérez-Jiménez, Researcher
Technology Innovation Institute, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates