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Envelopes of optical interference spectra for duplex and triplex layered structures
1Kosobutskyy P.S., 2Kushnir O.P.

1National University “Lviv Polytechnics”, P. O. Box 4544, 79053 Lviv-53, Ukraine
2Lviv State Agrarian University, 1 V. Velykyi St., Dublyany, 80381 Lviv Region, Ukraine

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We have found analytical expressions for the envelopes of maxima and minima of interference reflection and transmission spectra for both transparent and absorbing two- and three-layer structures under the conditions of arbitrary light incidence and polarization state. General regularities for the shape of those spectral envelopes are established, depending on the optical thicknesses of constituent layers.

Keywords: reflection spectra envelopes, thin film, two- and three-layer structures

PACS: 63.22.+m; 78.30-j; 78.30.Fs; 78.66.Hf
Ukr. J. Phys. Opt. 9 73-81   doi: 10.3116/16091833/9/2/73/2008
Received: 10.01.2008


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