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Luminescence in semiconductor-ferroelectric Sn2P2Se6 crystals
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1Dmitruk I., 2Padlyak B., 3Grabar O., 3Vysochanskii Yu., 2Vlokh R.

1National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 64 Volodymyrska St., 01033 Kyiv, Ukraine
2Institute of Physical Optics, 23 Dragomanov St., 79005 Lviv, Ukraine
3Istitute for Solid State Physics and Chemistry, Uzhgorod National University, 54 Voloshyn St., 88000 Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Keywords: Sn2P2Se6 crystals, semiconductors, photoluminescence, electron-hole recombination

PACS: 78.55-m, 78.66.Li, 71.35-y, 77.80-e, 64.70.Rh.

Ukr. J. Phys. Opt. 8 228-234                   doi: 10.3116/16091833/8/4/228/2007
Received: 10.11.2007

Luminescence spectra of Sn2P2Se6 crystals are investigated in the temperature range of 8 67K. On the basis of analysis of the obtained data we show that the broad emission band with the maximum at about 600 nm (for the temperature T=8.6 K) can be assigned to the band-to-band electron-hole recombination, whereas the broad emission bands peaked near 785 nm (T=8.6 K) and 1025 nm (T=44K) can be assigned to electron-hole recombination from the levels of defects, which are localized within the bandgap. Based on the referenced data, possible types of the recombination defect centres in Sn2P2Se6 crystals are discussed.


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