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Mass of quasi-particles
Dzedolik I.V.

Taurida V. Vernadsky National University, 4 Vernadsky Ave., 95007 Simferopol, Ukraine

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Keywords: dielectric medium, dielectric resonator, dielectric waveguide, spontaneous symmetry breaking, cnoidal wave, quasi-particle, polariton, mass

PACS: 42.25.Bs, 42.50.Ct, 42.65.-k 

Ukr. J. Phys. Opt. 8 183-196 
doi: 10.3116/16091833/8/4/183/2007
Received: 07.06.2007

Spontaneous symmetry breaking in the system “dielectric medium- electromagnetic field” is considered. The appearance of massive quasi-particles in a boundless dielectric medium, a dielectric resonator and a dielectric waveguide is shown. The mass of the quasi-particles arises because they move in the medium or the waveguide with the velocity less than the speed of light in vacuum, as a result of interaction of electromagnetic field and the medium.


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