Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 

Number  1, Volume 4,  2003

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The Influence of Mechanical Stress on Electrooptical Coefficients r22 and ne3r33-n03r13 in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 Crystals
Vlokh R., Mys O.

Institute of Physical Optics, 23 Dragomanov Str., Lviv 79005, Ukraine

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The combined piezo-electrooptical effect in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 crystals is studied. It is shown that the mechanical stresses change notably the electrooptical (EO) coefficient r22 of lithium niobate and the coefficient ne3r33-no3r33 of lithium tantalate crystals. The largest increment of electrooptical coefficients under the mechanical stresses is observed in LiNbO3 crystals at the experimental geometry of k||Z, E||Y and s||Y. In case of LiNbO3 crystals subjected to the compressing mechanical stress s2 =2.0*107N/m2, the EO coefficient r22 increases approximately two times, while the half-wave voltage decreases by the same value. The obtained dependence of the angle  x3 of optical indicatrix rotation under the applied electric field E1 and the mechanical compressive stress  s1 testifies a possibility for controlling the optical indicatrix orientation in LiNbO3 crystals in the range of 0-45deg.

Key words: piezo-electrooptical effect, LiNbO3, LiTaO3
PACS: 78.20.Hp

doi 10.3116/16091833/4/1/48/2003

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