Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics 


Number  3, Volume 3,  2002

Titles and authors pages
Optical Techniques for Characterization of Distorted Liquid Crystal 

Nastishin Yu.A.

Spectral-Kinetic Study of LaCl3:Ce Crystals

Voloshinovskii A.S., Antonyak O.T., Stryganyuk G.B., Dorenbos P., van Eijk C.W.E., Rodnyi P.A.

Optical and Photoelectric Properties of Non–Crystalline Antimony Chalcogenides

Rubish V.M.

Ring Laser for Angle Measurement Devices

Demchuk V.Y., Zaytsev I.I., Zozulya L.G., Bezvesilnaya E.N., Zaytsev Y.I.

Optical Properties of Langbeinites (II. Domain structure observation)

Vlokh R., Vlokh O.V., Skab I., Girnyk I.


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